By constantly providing high quality products, Galato has become a benchmark for many companies worldwide.
We have built trust-based relationships with customers over time, showing them that our experience and extensive knowledge of materials and processes allow us to create solutions that meet their needs and expectations from different perspectives.



Technical analyses of each project and the evaluation of development and engineering costs are the cornerstones of Galato’s design and advisory service.
We meet customers to understand their requirements. We think up the best solutions. We create a highly performing machine.
This is Galato’s philosophy: an excellent customer-oriented approach from the early stages of each project. It is a way to work that aims at finding the best solution to each request, in terms of cost, time and production efficiency.
Each Galato product study includes all information required for an objective assessment:
– defining the machine’s technical specifications;
– drafting a technical drawing with dimensional, physical and mechanical calculations;
– assessing costs to install and start up the machine at the customer’s premises.



We provide advanced design, supported by cutting edge operating systems and software, to effectively meet the production requirements of each customer.
We know how important it is to create solutions that take account of different work
requirements and optimise production needs. We consider each customer as a unique case, which ensures new and tailored solutions.



Our national and international partners acknowledge that Galato offers undisputed quality in the construction of mechanical components. We have always stood out in the the engineering industry for our timely deliveries, precise cost estimates and the use of advanced technologies.



Choosing Galato means choosing a partner that cares about machine productivity and durability over time. Our team of experts is always available to train operators on how to use the machine use and its functions, as well as to make sure that quality is not an issue with well-tested and monitored machines with long-term guarantees.



“Renewal” is one of Galato’s watchwords. Our continuing efforts to improve the working environment, our timely maintenance of all tools we work with, and attention to employee welfare are the guiding principles that always allowed us to optimise production costs and improve the end product.