Our Forming Presses and Foaming masks are used to manufacture Cabinets, Blast-chillers, Wall Displays, Tables, Display Cases, Cockpit Freezers, Cellars and other items for the refrigeration industry.

These are dedicated equipment, designed according to specific customer requirements. As our customers can attest, we apply innovative technological solutions ensuring extremely flexible production systems, high productivity growth and constant product quality over time.


Each machine is unique and tailored to customer needs.

The ruggedness of our Eccentric Presses and their reliable operation are the main features proving the great attention devoted to the design and sizing of each mechanical component, as well as the accurate selection and use of top quality components.


Where requested, we can build machines and mechanical equipment to customer specifications, supported by co-engineering activities.

The expertise of Galato Invent is the result of extensive experience in the field of manufacturing systems and tailored technical services; a highly flexible organisation ensures effective solutions to different production requirements.




Renzo Galato
“Being a mechanic is in my blood. I combined it with my desire to set up my own business and the passion that drives me to design, build, transform ideas into tangible objects. My other passion is nature because it makes flowers and fruit sprout from a tiny seed.
Galato is like a seed. I planted it 45 years ago and it keeps growing”.
Antonella Galato
Administrative manager
“Galato is both my business and my family.
It has been part of me ever since I was a young girl and helped my parents make ends meet.
Every day, with love, I help the company grow strong, treating customers as I would like to be treated: with simplicity and respect.”
Alessandro Galato
Sales manager
“Customers give us every day the opportunity to come up with new projects. They inspire us with their trust in us, they motivate us with their demands. Their success is in good hands, because every one of our machines is unique and special.”
Roberto Galato
Head of production
“When, as a child, you get to play in a workshop, machine parts become wonderful objects that you want to explore to find out how they work.
Then a desire to build something unique slowly grows within you, together with a passion to understand the thinking of those who came before you and designed perfect machines in which each and every device has a specific purpose.”
Antonio Favaretto
Purchasing/Business manager
“I decided to work for Galato because mechanics reigns supreme in this company and design visions are realised
in concrete ways.
We welcome the boldest visions as challenges to keep improving, working with customers and suppliers in our shared commitment to grow and succeed”.
Diego Raniero
Head of Technical Dept
“Every new machine we have to design is a complex and challenging experience.
Every industry has its own processes. Every machine its philosophy. Every building process its own logic. Every technical choice has its consequences.
We create a unique machine for every customer.”
Igor Lovato
Head of mechanical processing
“I come from a family of mechanics.
Galato was another family to me, in which I grew professionally over twenty years of experience in the workshop.
My job is to check that every single piece of machine tools is perfect. The best moment is when the testing goes smoothly and I get to see the finished product work”.
Silvia Rocco
Front office
“I chose to work for Galato because in this company people count. People come first: they have dreams to achieve, visions to materialise, needs to be met.
The design philosophy of this innovative company revolves around people. My job is to respond to their requests accurately and promptly”.